I needed to find a new tenant for my flat but was unhappy with my current letting agent.  I had been with them for almost 10 years but I found their charges were increasing year on year but the service was definitely getting worse. All the admin was handled centrally by staff I had never met and mistakes were many and took ages to fix and refunds processed.

I therefore did a thorough search of all the lettings agents in the area and studied the published stats on how quickly property was let out.  I had never had any dealings with Elite Homes before, but their stats were very strong and website was far better than any other letting agent.  When I called through for some numbers I was pleasantly surprised to find their rates were lower than everyone else.  I was a bit worried that you only get what you pay for, but in this instance I can honestly say Elite were fantastic in locating a tenant.  I liaised with Sayhan during the process, whom I found professional, smart, motivated and a genuine pleasure to deal with.  He understood the need to rent out my property ASAP and more importantly to a solid tenant who passed all credit checks. 

Sayhan and his business partner own the letting agency and understand the need to handle and oversee everything themselves.  Hand on heart, I would recommend Elite Homes without any hesitation to anyone who wants great results at a reasonable rate. I have already passed their details onto a friend who is looking to buy.  I am so pleased I decided to deal with Elite Homes.  I intend to remain a loyal client for years to come.

Michele, from Surrey (1 bedroom, Enfield)